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This includes details of new courses or workshops that we have developed; dates and venues for any upcoming workshops, and last-minute availability on any of the sessions we are running.

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This is our version of a blog - because we are too busy going climbing to write a regular blog!
It may not come out often, but when it does it's full of tips and tricks we think are particularly awesome, useful information about climbing in the Cornwall and wider world (sometimes even as far away as Devon!), gear reviews - everyone loves shiny new toys, articles about the mountain environment and amazing places to go and adventure, and also to keep you in touch with what we've been doing (when we are not actively delivering, Climb Cornwall staff are often attending interesting CPD or training courses, keeping up with what's going on in the wider climbing, coaching and adventure education world, working with charities and professional associations, or simply out and about having their own adventures!). 
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